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Congratulations 2023 Award Winners!


2023 Celebrations

E.C. Nurock Award - Dr. Daniel Desrivieres
This top lifetime achievement award is given to that outstanding optometrist, who for a continuous period of several years has rendered outstanding service to this profession, colleagues, and the community.

Optometrist of the Year Award - Dr. Kathleen Kinzley
An award acknowledging an outstanding practitioner with proven involvement and concern for their patients, the profession and the community. 

Public Service Award - Assemblyman Daniel Benson 
This award recognizes contributions to the visual welfare of the people of New Jersey.

Young Optometrist of the Year Award - Dr. Jessica Garden
An award acknowledging active involvement on an NJSOP Committee or Project. 
(Young OD is defined as within 10 years from OD degree.)

Dr. Paul Berman Distinguished Service Award - Dr. Kelley Sedlock
An award acknowledging service for and on behalf of NJSOP.  

Scientific Achievement Award - Dr. Maria Richman
an award acknowledging achievement in the development of new optometric procedures or instrumentality, or in optometrically related research, scientific teachings, or writings.

Presidential Chairperson of the Year Award - Legislative Committee Chair, Dr. Mike Veliky

Presidential Special Recognition Award for Advocacy Accomplishments - Dr. Chris Quinn 

Presidential Special Recognition Award for Student Leaders - Diellnor Abduramani (SUNY)
and Viral Shah (SALUS)

Outgoing President's Award - Dr. Jesús Barrios

NJSOP's History

The NJSOP has a history dating back to 1903. See just how far we've come, here.

Past Presidents

1903 - Dr. F.C. Leaming (Trenton)

1904 - Dr. George Applegate (Trenton)

1905 – Dr. F.H. Hewlett (Patterson)

1906 – Dr. L.B. Hilborn (Newark)

1907 – Dr. R.G. Smith (Jersey City)

1908 - Dr. J. J. Hartman (Newark)

1909 – 11 – Dr. L.A. Rochat (Jersey City)

1912 - Dr. C. J. Brotherly (Newark)

1913 – Dr. F.C. Leaming (Trenton)

1914 – 15 – Dr. H. Berman (Jersey City)

1916 – 17 – Dr. P.A. Bourke (Paterson)

1918 – Dr. W.B. Reilly (Asbury Park)

1920 – Dr. George Fitzsimmons (Passaic)

1921 – Dr. James Bergen (Paterson)

1922 – Dr. J.E. Jaekle (Jersey City)

1923 – Dr. C. J. Brotherly (Newark)

1924 – 25 – Dr. Joseph Salov (Newark)

1926 – Dr. J. Otis Wheeler (Salem)

1927 – Dr. Anson Ball (Dover)

1928 – 29 – Dr. John Knoblock (West New York)

1930 – 31 – Dr. Charles W. Casper (Newark)

1932 – Dr. Joseph F. Heine (Asbury Park)

1933 – Dr. Jarles Jacknowitz (Union City)

1934 – 35 – Dr. Earl H. Ridgeway (Trenton)

1936 – 37 – Dr. Albert Gaal (Irvington)

1938 – 39 – Dr. Benjamin M. Wilson (Trenton)

1940 – 41 – Dr. Walter Oelschlager (Newark)

1942 – Dr. Harold Simmerman (Pitman)

1943 – 45 – Dr. Harry Ehrlich (New Brunswick)

1946 – Dr. Emanuel C. Nurock (Trenton)

1947 – Dr. John J. Brown (Perth Amboy)

1948 - ???

1949 – 50 – Dr. Harold Bookstaber (????)

1951 – Dr. S. Benjamin Sobel (Clifton)

1952 – 53 – Dr. Philip Jackman (Hackensack

1954 – 55 – Dr. George McEaney (Asbury Park)

1956 – 58 – Dr. Paul Ellin (Paterson)

1959 – 60 – Dr. Theodore Altschuler (????)

1961 – 62 – Dr. Herbert L. Moss (Woodbridge)

1963 – 64 – Dr. Rovert H. Maclead (Morris Plains)

1964 – 66 – Dr. Leslie C. Mintz (Passaic)

1967 – Dr. Sidney M. Goldstein (Bridgeton)

1968 – 69 – Dr. Mario P. Constantin (Trenton)

1970 – 71 – Dr. Mario J. Pallotta (Glen Rock)

1972 – 73 – Dr. Harvey A. Wilson (Trenton)

1974 – 75 – Dr. Charles S. Papier (Pennington)

1976 – Dr. Arnold Klein (Clifton)

1977 – Dr. Samuel Krantzow (Passaic)

1978 – Dr. Roy Soloff (Atlantic City)

1979 – 80 – Dr. Kenneth Brehne (Old Bridge)

1981 – 82 – Dr. Barry Schneider (Manalapan)

1983 – Dr. Stanley Roever (Clifton)

1984 – 85 – Dr. Burnett Eglow – Hasbrouck Heights

1986 – 87 – Dr. Jay DeMesquita (Pennsauken)

1988 – 89 - Dr. Larry Fuerman (Atlantic City)

1989 – 90 – Dr. Stanley Ravine (Wall Township)

1991 – 92 – Dr. Markus Barth (Lawrenceville)

1993 – 94 – Dr. Harvey Wolbransky (Camden)

1995 – 96 – Dr. Leonard Steiner (Oakhurst)

1997 – 98 – Dr. Randolph Brooks ( Ledgewood)

1999 – 2000 – Dr. Thomas F. Dorrity, Jr. (Belleville)

2001 – 02 – Dr. Christopher Quinn (Iselin)

2002 - 03 - Dr. Richard J. Favreau (Franklin)

2003 – 04 - Dr. Daniel Desrivieres (Orange)

2004 – 05 - Dr. Kimberly K. Friedman (Moorestown)

2005 – 06 - Dr. Leonard J. Press (Fairlawn)

2006 – 07 - Dr. Michael J. Veliky (Rochelle Park)

2008 – 09 - Dr. Harvey B. Richman (Manasquan)

2009 – 10 - Dr. Michael J. Siegel (Ledgewood)

2010 – 11- Dr. Charles H. Fitzpatrick (Cherry Hill)

2011 – 12 -Dr. William R. Marcolini (Iselin)

2012 -  13- Dr. Rodolfo L.  Rodriguez (North Bergen)

2013 – 14- Dr. Maria S. Richman (Manasquan)

2014 – 15- Dr. Edward W. Harmer (Carteret)

2015 – 16- Dr. George W. Veliky (Iselin)

2016 – 17- Dr. William J. Ference (Pompton Plains)

2017- 18- Dr. Kenneth Daniels (Hopewell)

2018 - 19- Dr. Susan D'Emic (Red Bank)

2019 - 20- Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon (Piscataway)

2020 - 21- Dr. Trinae Rosato (Alpha)

2021 - 22- Dr. Todd Gershenow ( Middletown)

2022 - 23 - Dr. Jesús Barrios (Green Brook)


NJSOP Constitution/Bylaws - click here to download PDF

As Revised 12/14/2022  --  Member login required.




  1. Do Not--in fact or appearance--discuss or exchange information with actual or potential competitors regarding any of the following matters, either at NJSOP or Local Society sponsored meetings or social gatherings:
    1. Individual company prices, price changes, price differentials, mark-ups, discounts, warranties, allowances, credit terms, costs, production levels, capacity, sales, etc.
    2. Plans of individual companies concerning the design, production, distribution or marketing of particular products, including proposed territories or customers.
    3. Division or limitation of sales to particular territories, customers or classes of customers.
    4. Refusal to sell to or purchase from, or termination or modification of sales or purchase arrangements with representatives, distributors, or other third parties, or prices or terms of sale or resale by customers.
    5. Industry pricing policies, price levels, price changes, differentials and/or changes in industry production, capacity or inventories.
    6. Matters relating to actual or potential individual suppliers or customers that might exclude them from any market or of influencing the business conduct of firms toward such suppliers or customers.
    7. Limiting or eliminating competition in any way, or efforts to create a monopoly.
  2. Do not discuss or exchange information regarding the above matters during social gatherings incidental to NJSOP or Local Society sponsored meetings, even in jest.
  3. Do not meet without Local Society leaders or counsel present.


  1. Before meetings, prepare and have counsel review agendas of particular items to be discussed at meetings and adhere to the agenda unless additional matters for discussion have been approved in advance by NJSOP or Local Society leaders or counsel.
  2. Ensure that draft meeting minutes are promptly prepared after each meeting, reviewed by counsel, and then circulated to members present at the meeting to determine that the minutes accurately reflect the proceedings.
  3. Protest any discussions or meeting activities which appear to violate the antitrust laws or the NJSOP Antitrust Compliance Policy and Guidelines; disassociate yourself from any such discussions or activities and leave any meeting in which they continue. Be sure that NJSOP staff and counsel are made aware of any such activities.
  4. Provide Local Society leaders and staff with a copy of this checklist and have a copy available for reference at all Local Society sponsored meetings.


Each year, the NJSOP president appoints a Nominations Committee pursuant to the NJSOP bylaws, which has historically doubled as the NJSOP Award Committee. The NJSOP Bylaws indicate that The Committee on Nominations shall be appointed by the President three months prior to the Congress or General Membership Meeting and shall consist of at least one (1) member in good standing from each affiliated local society and three (3) Past Presidents, one of whom will be appointed chairperson.

The 2024 Call for names is open through October 18, 2024. After October 18th, the Nominations Committee will meet to discuss and grant awards with nominations solicited from the full NJSOP membership - Dr. E.C. Nurock, Optometric Physician of the Year, Dr. Paul Berman Distinguished Service, Young OD of the Year, Paraoptometric of the Year Award, and the Public Service Award. NJSOP will present an open slot for an award topic and recipient suggestion for consideration. The award suggestion should be focused on eye/vision care and/or optometrists. The Nominations Committee may consider the new suggestions for the year’s awards.

SUBMIT A NAME TODAY! (submissions by NJSOP members only)

When submitting a name, please consider diversity of work setting, geographic location, practice modality, career stage, and background. Submissions should include the award nominee’s name and a written submission rationale statement for the nomination (up to 500 words). Award winners will be selected and presented at the end of 2024.



1968 - Present

Young Optometrist of the Year

Special Recognition Award (Student Leader or Other)

President's Award (Immediate Past President)

Presidential Special Recognition Award (Short Term Projects)

Chairperson of the Year (NJSOP Committees)

Communications Award

Special Purpose Award (Nominations/Awards Committee - Short Term Project)

Meritorious Service Award (Staff/Advisors)

Journalism Award

New Use of Media Award

Public Service Award

Local Society of the Year Award

Scientific Achievement Award

Dr. Paul Berman Distinguished Service Award

Optometrist of the Year Award (18-24 months)

E.C. Nurock Award (Lifetime Achievment)

Strategic Plan

Due to the pandemic the NJSOP Board of Directors decided to renew the 2020- 2022 NJSOP Strategic Plan for another three years: March 2022 through March 2025.

The NJSOP advocates, communicates, and educates to advance the optometric profession.

To protect and improve health through vision care.

Strategic Plan